Be the Link

We aim to be a partner, first and foremost. The 'link' between the companies that choose us and their goals and successes, through projects and paths developed together.


We offer all-inclusive services and solutions in the areas of communication, multimedia production, event organisation and management, and new technologies to support marketing.

Multimedia Productions

Video shooting, production & post-production, photo shooting, audio & music post-production, motion graphics.

Events & Virtual solutions

Multicamera video service, live streaming, technical management, audio/video/lights/ledwall service. Flexible Hybrid events

Corporate Communication

360° communication agency, digital newsroom, internet/intranet content onsite and remote management, 24/7 availability.

Digital solutions

Graphic studio and printed services, web design and development, app & web-app development, touchscreens and interactive platforms.

Booth Design

Booth design and construction, graphic design, interactive systems, innovative engagement.

3D and Virtual Reality

3D design and print, VR360 & Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality productions.


We do a lot, but we can show only few things.

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Corporate Intranet

Web design and daily management

Design and management of Intranet platforms

Corporate Event

Technical management

Techincal management, audio/video/light service, content production

Be Different

Our products are designed and tailored to meet specific needs and the ingredients that distinguish us are creativity, quality and responsiveness, which we believe are key characteristics in today's communications world.

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